What are the requirements

Applications, Forms and Fees

What are the Application Requirements?

To apply for a subdivision, the landowner or an agent authorized to act on the landowner's behalf shall submit the following:

  1. A completed application form, signed by the landowner and/or agent. Where an application form is not signed by the landowner, a letter from the landowner authorizing the agent to apply for the subdivision shall accompany the application form;
  2. The fee due at subdivision application, payable to Municipal Planning Services (2009) Ltd. (Note that G.S.T. is payable.);
  3. A copy of a sketch plan (1 copy if the sketch plan is 11" x 17" or smaller, and 2 copies if the sketch plan is larger than 11" x 17") showing the following:
    1. The legal description, boundaries, dimensions, and size of the existing parcel of land as described on the existing certificate of title;
    2. The location, registered plan number and dimensions of any road widenings, utility or railway rights-of-way, easements or existing parcels excepted from the titled area;
    3. The location, dimensions, boundaries and size of the proposed parcel(s), clearly outlining the area to be subdivided;
    4. The location of any buildings or structures and any existing water wells, sewage disposal or pump out sites;
    5. Existing and proposed roads which will serve the proposed subdivision;
    6. The location of existing and proposed approaches serving the proposed parcel(s) and remainder of the titled area;
    7. All drainage channels, streams, rivers, lakes or large sloughs located on the titled area; and
    8. If the proposed lot(s) are to be served by individual wells and private sewage disposal systems, the type and location of any existing or proposed wells and private sewage disposal systems, and the distance from these to existing and proposed buildings and existing and proposed property lines.
  4. One photocopy of a Title Search for the subject land, validated within 30 days of the submission of your application. Do not submit your original Duplicate Certificate of Title. Title Searches can be obtained from your nearest motor vehicle registries office. (If you cannot obtain a Title Search, please submit an additional $12.60 ($12.00 + $0.60 G.S.T.) and we will obtain a Title Search for you.); and
  5. For a subdivision in a rural area, an aerial photograph showing the proposed subdivision in the approximate centre of the photo. Aerial photographs can be obtained from Alberta Environment - Air Photo Services (phone 780-427-3520). (If you cannot obtain the air photo, please submit an additional $12.60 ($12.00 + $0.60 G.S.T.) and we will obtain the air photo for you.)
  6. EFFECTIVE NOVEMBER 1, 2012 - Information about abandoned oil and gas wells. If abandoned oil and gas wells ARE NOT LOCATED on the subject property, a map from the Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) showing the area and a statement from the applicant that there are no wells in the subdivision area are both required. If abandoned wells ARE LOCATED on the subject property, a list and map identifying the locations of abandoned wells within the area (including surface coordinates) and written confirmation from the applicant that the licensee responsible for each well has been contacted and the exact well location confirmed, must accompany the application.

Applications are not considered complete until the above information has been provided. Please ensure that you have completed the application form accurately and clearly identified the existing and proposed land uses in the spaces provided.

Where applications are for land with severe topographic limitations or where applications are adjacent to a body of water, a map showing contour intervals may be required.

If the application is to create four (4) or more new parcels and is not to be served by municipal piped sewage disposal services, a report certifying that water table levels and soil permeability on the site satisfy Alberta Environmental Protection's guidelines for the type of development proposed may be required.

If the application is to create a sixth or subsequent parcel on a quarter section and is not to be served by municipal piped water supply or cisterns (with trucked water), a report to satisfy Section 23(3) of the Water Act will be required.

For information on abandoned oil and gas wells, applicants are advised to contact the Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) via their website, www.ercb.ca, or by telephone, 1-855-297-8311.

Should this or other information be required, you will be contacted directly by MPS.
You will be notified by letter when your application has been accepted, and also when a decision has been made.

For more complex applications (multi parcel subdivisions) applicants often hire a professional, to determine the likelihood of success, or for assistance in refining the proposals so that the chance of approval is increased. A pre-application meeting can often be arranged with the Subdivision Authority to discuss issues related to a proposed subdivision. Use of professional services may actually reduce the overall subdivision or development costs to the landowner.